The celebrity mom guide to travelling with kids

The celebrity mom guide to travelling with kids

Four tips to make travelling with your children a breeze.

Jo-Ann Strauss family vacation

Travelling with children can be a nightmare for parents.

From getting major side-eye on a plane because your little one is crying up a storm to chasing after your toddler down a quiet hotel hallway - the drama never seems to end! 

Travelling with children is the norm for many famous South African moms.

Their lifestyles often sees them travelling to exotic locations with their kids in tow. 

And, of course, they make it look so easy, and manage to do it while looking effortlessly stylish. 

What's their secret? 

Kid friendly destinations

Singer Karlien van Jaarsveld made sure to check that her recent safari holiday was family friendly. Her twin boys got to experience wildlife in the best and safest way possible. Several game lodges in South Africa offer child-friendly activities, such as kiddies’ game drives and treasure hunts, so be sure to do some research before planning your family trips.

Have some patience 

 'Top Billing' presenter Jo-Ann Strauss has to travel a lot for work, which means she sometimes has to take her little ones along with her. Her 10-month-old daughter has travelled to Berlin Fashion Week in Germany, and the African Leadership Network Conference in Mauritius. Whether she is dashing through airport terminals in heels, or breast feeding on a plane, Jo-Ann has mastered the art of travelling with her children. Her key ingredients for successful family time is to be prepared for mid-air diaper accidents, and pack their favourite toys and a lot of patience.

Live in the moment

Most people like to take Instagram-worthy pictures during their vacation. But parents know there is no such thing as the perfect picture while on holiday with little children. Instead, living in the moment is exactly how TV presenter Elana Afrika likes to approach her family vacations. She is too busy having a great time to be bothered with staging a happy family picture. A crying baby in a holiday snap makes for good memories too!

Happy holidays!!!!! ❤️

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Get some alone time

Zuraida Jardine’s picture-perfect vacation to Mauritius a few weeks ago was filled with lots of family walks on the beach, sunset admiring, and nature appreciation. But in-between her fun moments with her kids, Zuraida and her husband Josh Lindberg, managed to get some alone time by leaving their children at their hotel’s “mini club”. Zaria and Shia got to play tennis under the watchful eye of well-trained staff while mommy and daddy enjoyed some alone time.  

Negotiating sunsets with my mini 💘 #ClubMedSA #ClubMedAlbion #ClubMed #Mauritius #ZeeTravelz

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