Interesting facts about Pete Townshend

Interesting facts about Pete Townshend

As the world celebrates the legendary Pete Townshend's birthday, here are interesting facts about the star. 

Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend is the creative force behind The Who. 

For over five decades, the band has given the world incredible music. 

He was born on 19 May 1945 and comes from a musical family. 

Pete wears many hats. He is a composer, guitarist, singer, pianist, producer, electronic music pioneer, and author. 

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Pete has done a lot of charity work. He has dealt with victims of drug and alcohol abuse. He has also helped those who have been victims of sexual abuse. The musician runs a teenage cancer trust which was founded in 1997. 

Apart from The Who, he has also been a part of Rockestra and Deep End bands. 

He recently released a single, 'Can’t Outrun the Truth',  his first solo single in 29 years. 

Pete released his first solo album, 'Who Came First', in 1972. 

His 1980 album, 'Empty Glass', sold millions of copies and featured the hit, 'Let My Love Open the Door'.

The 'White City: A Novel' album was released in 1985 and featured 'Face the Face'.

Celebrate his birthday by listening to East Coast Gold which will be playing his hits throughout the day. 

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