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Why are the PGA Tour and LIV Golf merging?

The Breakfast with Darren Maule team chat about the controversial topic of 'sports washing'...

Why is this specific golf tournament PGA going to merge with merge with the Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf.
Why is this specific golf tournament PGA going to merge with merge with the Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf. Image: Pexels/ tyler hendy

In a groundbreaking move that sent shockwaves through the golfing world, the PGA Tour and LIV Golf have officially announced their merger, putting an end to a period of turmoil marked by "disruption and distraction". 

Many people are in disbelief, uproar, and shock at this decision.

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This strategic collaboration not only unifies two powerful entities, but also resolves a lingering antitrust lawsuit, allowing the sport to move forward with a renewed sense of harmony and purpose.

According to CBS, the PGA Tour is recognised as one of the premier professional golf tours globally. It has long been synonymous with excellence and tradition.

Over the years, it has showcased some of the greatest golfing talents and provided fans with unforgettable moments. 

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However, the emergence of LIV Golf in recent years threatened to create a divided landscape within the golfing community.

So Darren and Sky had a chinwag about this, but also mentioned how 'sports washing' has now become a thing in sports. Listen below for their discussion on the matter:

Brooks Koepka LIV Golf

The term Sports Washing is a term used to refer to the ways in which a country invests in sports to promote its reputation on a global stage and deflect attention away from less favourable perceptions of its actions and institutions.

According to Michael Skey, sport matters because it plays a significant role in the lives of large numbers of people around the world and can be used to target the attention of particular groups.

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LIV Golf, backed by Saudi Arabian investors, burst onto the scene with ambitious plans to revolutionise the sport. 

Their intentions, albeit met with skepticism, were to attract top-tier golfers by offering lucrative financial incentives and creating a more engaging format for the fans. 

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Let's not forget that Saudi Arabia has emerged as a powerhouse in the world of sports, making significant investments and hosting high-profile events that have captured global attention. 

The oil-rich nation has recognised the power of sports as a catalyst for social change, international influence, and economic growth, leading them to back various sporting ventures both at home and abroad. 

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