We've found Darren Maule's doppelgänger

We've found Darren Maule's doppelgänger

We posted a picture of Darren Maule and his ultimate sock collection and were surprised to see that Darren might have a doppelgänger, also named Darren.

darren in faf challenge
Screenshot: Instagram

Darren showed off his proud collection of 56 pairs of happy socks, from every colour to every shape and design.. 

But so does Darren Grey, but also known as Dazzy5 by his friends. He has been collecting socks for two and a half years now and he has a total of 99 pairs of socks.

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"After the lockdown, I will be searching for my 100th pair," said Dazzy5.

He loves all his socks equally, but his first original smiley face socks are his favourite. Dazzy5 chooses his socks the day before he chooses his outfit, so on the day, everything needs to match.

We believe that this could be Darren Maule's doppelgänger.

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Don't believe us, have a look at the picture below: 

Now, we need you to decide, is this Darren Maule's doppelgänger or not: 

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