Last year's winner shares tip on how to WIN Every Caller Wins!

Winners share 'Every Caller Wins' tips on how to win your share of R300,000

Who better than someone who knows how sharing exactly how to get your R10 000!


On Friday, 8 October we have our birthday celebration taking place which obviously means...

We share amazing prizes with YOU! 

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The previous year we had 'Every Caller Wins' in celebration of our 24th birthday and we do it once again this year! 

After winning last year's money from Every Caller Wins, Chante Koekemoer shares some tips. 

Take a listen to these tips: 

How does it work: 

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But how do YOU make sure to get selected? 

  • Don't spam the Whatsapp Line
  • Call in short bursts during the day rather than all the time.
  • Don't call while they are speaking on air - It's more likely that your call will be answered during a song
  • Listen for the specific topic that we request you to call about. Don't just say 'Happy Birthday ECR'.
  • Expect that the phone will be answered. Often times people put their phones on Loudspeaker and when the producer answers there is silence.
  • Bonus tip: Do not call a day before or after Every Caller Wins asking if you won the money.

Additional Terms & Conditions:

  • Only callers who make it on air are winners – If your call is answered by a producer that does not make you a winner. Winners are only callers who are put on air to speak to the presenter
  • All calls that are answered will be shortlisted – not all shortlisted callers make it to air however
  • Callers are put on air at the Producers’ discretion
  • Criteria for being put on air:
  • Entrants in station/show competitions that were pre-selected subject to the standard competition Ts and Cs
  • Callers with clear lines
  • Callers that sound energized and enthusiastic
  • A variety of different callers
  • The producers’ decisions are final
  • 30 callers will be put on air between 6am and 7pm on Friday 8 October each winning R 10 000
  • Only callers who are over 18 and have not won in the past 90 days qualify to enter

This is the number that people call by mistake, the receptionist Lucille. We called her so that she could share what the correct number: 

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