The Maule Wedding, aQuelle and CPR get DKSApproved

The Maule Wedding, aQuellé KHULA and CPR get #DKSApproved

The town is still talking about it, and Keri just cannot let it be forgotten just yet that Darren Maule put a ring on his Anna Banana's finger in a secret wedding last week Friday. 

Darren Wedding

#DKSApproved is a segment in the show where Darren, Keri and Sky pick some things they love and approve of them. Whatever they may be, these things are given a #DKS stamp of approval that you can trust. 

Who can deny the shock, happiness and joy that we all felt when Darren announced in an Instagram post on Saturday, June 9, 2021,  that he got married to Anna Kelly were married in a secret ceremony the night before. 

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It was all over social media, and the only thing that was on everyone's mind was: How did he keep it a secret? 

He shared it in a podcast: 

From the pictures shared, one can admit it was a beautiful ceremony, very intimate with only their close family present. 

So, as we await more footage from the Maule Wedding - it has already and officially been #DKSApproved! 

A new range by aQuellé with new delicious flavoured soft drinks has been launched and Darren, cause he just keeps getting gifts and gifts from brands, happens to be one of the people to get the special package of the new range sent to him. 


There is a new flavoured soft drink called “aQuellé KHULA”. It includes flavours such as Cream Soda, Raspberry, Ginger Burst & Cola. It  will be available in a 500ml and 1.5L variant, available at wholesalers, distributors and selected stores.

Darren had a taste of all these flavours and here are three words: Thirst satisfactorily quenched.

If you have been an aQuellé fan, it just got better for you - because not only did they create something new and exciting for you. It has also officially been #DKSApproved by Darren Maule!

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Who can deny how scared the pandemic has made us all? COVID-19 has claimed the lives of people we love in a shocking and unexpected manner. 

One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is shortness of breath. In the event that one seems to be losing breath and the heart stops beating, CPR is a great crucial skill to promptly perform on the ill person. It can go a long way. 

This is why it receives Sky's #DKSApproved stamp of approval today.  

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In the above post, you will also find steps on how to perform CPR. Following these steps can make the difference between death and life. Skills that we all need to acquire, especially during this time. 

Sky has brought an important skill forward, it has forever been essential, but since it has been #DKSApproved it becomes even more of a sign for us to all be informed. 

That sums it all up for #DKSApproved this week - the Maule Wedding, the new aQuellé KHULA drink and the most crucial CPR. 


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