Momentum launches third annual #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign

Registrations open for Momentum's third annual #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign

The third annual Momentum #SheOwnsHerSuccess seeks to provide women with the right tools and knowledge to help them on their plight for financial success. 

Momentum launches third annual #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign

This Women’s Month, financial services provider Momentum has launched its third iteration of the annual Momentum #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign. 

Following the launch of the first #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign in 2019, which inspired women to not be apologetic about their success, the theme in 2020 sought to inspire women to identify and break through barriers. 

This year’s theme seeks to encourage women to persist on their journey towards financial success by overcoming barriers that seek to detract them. With this campaign, Momentum aims to celebrate the strides and achievements that women continue to make despite existing socioeconomic and cultural barriers and to remind women that their success is indeed unstoppable. 


The campaign will include a virtual workshop series with Success speaker, New York Times best-selling author, podcast host and professional troublemaker, LuvvieAjayi-Jones

Each workshop is tailored differently throughout the month of August and will aim to provide women with practical tools, advice and solutions to help get them onto the next step on their journey to success.

Momentum also seeks to further this campaign beyond Women’s Month because a women’s momentum doesn’t end after August. The journey is just the beginning. The company wishes to encourage women to keep their success in motion by sharpening their focus and refining business skills and passions all year round with the #SheOwnsHerSuccess online hub for with advice, tools, and continuous updates to keep women’s success unstoppable.

Each event will consist of 2 workshops, with each event following a specific theme:

Date: Thursday 12 August

Theme: Break out

Workshop 1: "Learn the art of negotiating: How to ensure you get paid your worth"

Workshop 2: "Finding structures of support: How to find the right people to support and push you forward with right advice"

Date: Thursday 19 August

Theme: Break through

Workshop 1: "Leading by the beat of your own drum: How to utilise your uniqueness as a woman in leadership roles."

Workshop 2: "Let’s talk about Wills: we know it’s taboo: You’ve worked so hard for the life you live, make sure you leave your legacy in the right hands."

Date: Thursday 26 August

Theme: Break Free

Workshop 1: "How to build your personal brand: Showing up in the world starts with how you showcase yourself"

Workshop 2: "Become your own hype (wo)man: How to turn your imposter syndrome into personal confidence"

To be a part of this powerful campaign, click here to register.

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