Igniting the passion to read - One book at a time

Igniting the passion to read - One book at a time

CASME understands the importance of books and reading, that's why they have made a huge donation of precious resources to learners who need it the most. 

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Henré Benson is the Director of CASME (Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education) and together with Dawn Harrison, a language support specialist, they popped into East Coast Radio to tell us about the wonderful work they do in the community.

CASME recognises the importance of language in teaching, learning, and reading, and as such CASME has been actively encouraging schools that are part of its teacher and learner support programmes to promote reading. It supports the National Reading Coalition, the Drop Everything and Read, and Read to Lead campaigns.

They were fortunate last year to receive a donation of three container loads of books from the Second Wind Foundation and Rotary International. 

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Kwangoza High School is a school in a deeply rural part of the Ilembe District and despite their resource challenges, they are determined to encourage reading, which, of course, starts with access to books. 

So as part of the drive, CASME will be donating 500 books to Kwangoza High through the support of a delighted Mrs Nozipho Dlamini, the Head of Department for Languages at Kwangoza High School, who also came into East Coast Radio to receive the donation.

CASME will distribute the remaining books on the basis of need. Interested schools or organisations will need to collect the books from Pinetown by appointment only. Interested schools or organisations should write a short motivation and email this to [email protected].

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CASME is a non-profit education development organisation which provides support to rural and township schools to assist with the teaching and learning of mathematics, science and language. For more information please visit www.casme.org.za or contact 031 8262508.

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