#BigFavour: Helping a young adult live out his dream to be a doctor

#BigFavour: Helping a young adult live out his dream to be a doctor

Knowledge is the most important weapon in the world, and a call was made to The Big Favour that a child needed help with his studies. Damon Beard knew he had to step in.

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I received an email from Vikesh who told me about Princess, who works at his office as a domestic worker. 

Princess is the sole breadwinner in her household and often talks to Vikesh about her 17-year-old son, Sandile, whose dream is to become a doctor.

He’s in the last year of his schooling and is desperate to start researching and applying for bursaries. His wish is to have computer access so that he can start working towards his goal.

Trying to buy Sandile a computer is just financially impossible for Princess, never mind the data he’d need to access the web. As it is, Princess battles to make ends meet each month.

Vikesh wrote to the Big Favour saying how much he’d like to see Sandile with his own laptop so that he can start working towards his dream.

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Ramware Electronics & Computers is an Information Technology Company specialising in the design, supply, and implementation of both home and business systems. 

With over 26 years of experience in the IT services industry, and a thorough understanding of what’s required to deliver quality and reliable services to maximise up-time and productivity – they were the perfect partner to hop on board and assist Sandile.

Vikesh and Ushir from Ramware Electronics and Computers handed over a brand new 15.6” Lenovo IdeaPad with Microsoft Office Student Edition, Antivirus and a Backpack to a delighted Princess, who promised to pass it onto her son, who wasn’t able to come into East Coast Radio for the handover as he was at school.

rose somai

Rose Somai, an accredited financial advisor with her own brokerage assessing the financial wellbeing of individuals, helping them to prepare for their future, from education plans, retirement annuity’s, life cover and disability, tax-free investments, heard about Sandile and immediately jumped on board to help.

Knowing how important education is, Rose will be providing Sandile with 5Gb anytime data and 5Gb night surfer monthly data for the next two years to help him access information from the comfort of his home and improve his knowledge during this crucial time in his life. 

Contact details 

Ramware online store – www.Ramware.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RamWare/

Tel: 0860-726-726

Rose Somai

Tel: 0731451383 or 0848889990
Email: [email protected]

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