Helping a pensioner get back on his feet

Helping a pensioner get back on his feet

Chris was an asset to the community. However, after stepping on a pin, which resulted in him losing his leg, it became difficult to continue with his community work. But thanks to the Big Favour, Chris is able to lend a helping hand again.

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Rae Reardon wrote into the Big Favour to tell us about her dad Chris, a pensioner who stood on a drawing pin, ended up in a hospital, and, within a week, ended up losing his right leg just below the knee.

She glowed with pride as she told us how involved he was in the community before his accident. He was always ready to help others by lending a helping hand or just being there to listen. But now, he’s stuck at home, depressed, and confined to using a zimmer frame.

Darryl Grobbelaar, an Orthotist and Prosthetist based in Durban, heard Rae’s story and really wanted to help. He specialises in bracing and supports, prosthetic limbs, medical-legal reporting, and mobility solutions.

It was an ecstatic Rae who heard that Darryl will soon be meeting her Dad so that he can fit his prosthetic leg.

Darryl Grobbelaar Orthotist and Prosthetist

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Suite G05 Musgrave Park,
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Musgrave, 4001

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