Giving the gift of education

Giving the gift of education

We receive many Big Favour requests from young adults asking for assistance with their studies – and this week was no exception.

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Listen to the audio and read the story below: 

Both Nekeel and Bonga dream of studying, not only to better themselves, but to help take their families out of the dire situations they’re in.

Nekeel’s mom sells samosas and his grandfather sells fruit and veggies, while Bonga’s mom is a domestic worker. Both their families struggle on a daily basis.

Nekeel and Bonga know that if they are able to study, and are employable, they can not only improve their own lives, but those around them, too.

Regent Business School (RBS) is one of Africa’s leading providers of business and management education and has an established footprint across the continent. 

RBS offers a wide range of globally recognised and industry-endorsed degrees, diplomas, higher certificates, and specialised executive management qualifications such as postgraduate diplomas and the prestigious MBA. They have campuses in all major hubs, including Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London, and Pretoria, as well as in SADC countries Swaziland and Namibia.

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A Pan-African platform of higher education institutions, Honoris United Universities is acutely aware of these new demands on higher education and has thus adopted a philosophy of ‘education for impact’ at the core of its curriculum development and student experience strategies. As a member of this platform, it has established two innovation hubs at its campuses: the iLead Lab and Honoris Collective Lab.  

The iLeadLab is a direct response to these changing employment requirements of the 21st Century, where employers are looking for high-performance individuals - who are agile, and in sync with the demands of a rapidly-changing and in disruptive workforce.

The iLeadLab has a range of programmes that offer practical development in Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Digital Literacy, Creativity and Imagination. Students are exposed to effective communication, information literacy, work readiness skills and innovative tools like laser cutting and 3-D printing. 

These skills will allow learners to be exposed sooner to artificial Intelligence and robotics. Imperatively these programmes have been designed and is accessible to people of all ages.

Ridwaan Asvat – the Operations Director of Regent Business School popped into the East Coast Radio studio to give Nekeel and Bonga the exciting news.

Both gents will be sponsored a series of I-Lead Lab employability unit courses.

Mid-year registrations are still open so take the opportunity to up-skill and further your career today with one of RBM’s full-time or distance learning courses.


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