Struggling father of two shares an emotional message of gratitude to The Big Favour

Struggling father of two shares an emotional message of gratitude to The Big Favour

With one asthmatic child, no employment and so many responsibilities on his plate, Durban TV and Appliance Repair Centre stretch their hand out to him.

The Big Fvaour dad

COVID-19 has been the most horrible thief - it has taken lives, jobs, hope and so much more. This father of two was another victim of the tragic circumstance that COVID-19 left so many - he was left unemployed. 

Razaak Sheik reached out to The Big Favour sharing what he had been battling with for the past year. 

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After losing his wife to stroke three years ago, it has been hard for him and his children as he was the sole breadwinner; all the children are young. The family outside of Phoenix have struggled with so much including getting their fridge repaired. With the little money Razaak makes from doing small jobs, it has been impossible to prioritise anything other than food and other essentials. 

He reached out to The Big Favour and he was beyond grateful to get help from Durban TV and Appliance Centre. 

Take a listen: 

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We are hoping that with that load taken off his shoulders, he will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and persevere in his other endeavors. What COVID-19 did is truly so bad for so many families. 

If you are one of these families you can reach out to The Big Favour, simply click here

If you find yourself as someone willing to contribute to the lives of other KZN people in need, you can click here

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The Big Favour is truly all about community and love. We love touching and changing the lives of our KZN community. 

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