#BigFavour: Baking his way to success

#BigFavour: Baking his way to success

Damon received an email from Debbie about her nephew, Grant, who has just turned 22. Grant is Bipolar and also suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum.

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Damon Beard

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Diagnosed at around four, Grant has lived with this awful condition all his life, which in turn has put a major financial strain on his parents, who aren’t on medical aid.

Grant's future was looking bleak regarding his ability to uphold a job, as the degree of Bipolar that Grant suffers from simply doesn’t allow for it. It’s been a long road, and Grant has battled to make himself feel worthy.

Realising he loved his baking, he joined a chef school which catered for special needs children and immediately excelled.

Grant had found his passion in life, and started his own little business, called ‘Captain Cupcake’.

Living with his parents, he’s been using his mom’s small microwave oven – but with her using it to cook for a family of five, there’s hardly any time for Grant to use it, and his baking is extremely limited.

In spite of his challenges, he’s been baking cakes for a few coffee shops and tea gardens in the area. 

There’s a space in his mom’s kitchen that would be perfect for an oven, so with the money Grant has made from selling his cakes, he’s been saving to fill that space with a new oven so that he can try and expand his business.

Gillian and Morgan from Lockhat Incorporated heard about Grant’s story and popped into East Coast Radio to give Grant some good news.

They will be covering the cost of a new oven for Grant so that he can take 'Captain Cupcake' from good to great.

Thank you, Lockhat Incorporated!

Damon Beard

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