#BigFavour: Jabulo gets his strength back and a new lease on life

#BigFavour: Jabulo gets his strength back and a new lease on life

Jabulo Sithole was born with Multiple Sclerosis, but the Big Favour changed his life forever by giving him something that's going to make the world of difference. 

Jabulo gets wheels on the Bif favour

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Heidi wrote in to tell me about a 23-year-old man who she'd met on the Durban Beachfront.

Jabulo Sithole was born with Multiple Sclerosis. He attended the Open Air School in Durban. He has his matric, but life hasn’t been easy for him.

He can’t stand upright but can walk with great difficulty. His legs are weak and bent, and his only form of help is a broken crutch that he uses every day to get from the shelter he stays in to the Beachfront where he begs for money.

Heidi’s heart went out to Jabulo, and she knew that she just had to do something to make life a little easier for him. I contacted Ingrid Burton and her team at SQS Group Limited, and they jumped at the opportunity to help.

What Jabulo needed was a set of wheels. There are no words to describe his joy when he found out he'd be receiving a brand new wheelchair.

Watch the incredible moment below: 

No more strain on Jabulo's legs and he describes the brand new wheelchair as his 'fast and furious wheels'.

Heidi - thank you for writing into the Big Favour, and thank you SQS for giving Jabulo his dignity and allowing him the opportunity to live an easier and more comfortable life.

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