#BigFavour: A well-deserved break for Grade 7 girl with Lupus

#BigFavour: A well-deserved break for Grade 7 pupil with Lupus

After a tiring five years between various doctors and hospitals, this Grade 7 pupil has finally got an opportunity to take a break and enjoy her surroundings.

Big Favour - 17 May

Take a listen to this very heart warming story in the podcast below or read the blog:

Jolene wrote to the Big Favour to tell us about Courteney, a Grade 7 pupil in Epworth who loves tennis, netball, basketball, and her animals - especially her bunny, Bella.

In March 2013, when she was only 8, she started complaining of constant headaches. She was repeatedly misdiagnosed throughout the year and wrongly treated for various ailments by the doctors.

By November, while she was being treated for supposed anaemia, she was so weak that she would wake up in the morning, walk to the lounge and fall asleep. On 18 November 2013, she was finally admitted to hospital where she was treated, and finally diagnosed with Lupus SLE. She then started treatment. 

Just before Christmas in 2013, Courteney got home, pale, weak, and weighing only 14kg.

There is currently no cure for Lupus, and it took two years to stabilise Courteney fully.

It’s been a long and tough road for her, and Jolene thought it would be incredible for Courteney to get away with her mom for a few days, so we contacted Karkloof Safari Villas to see if they could assist.

The villas are a spectacularly hidden paradise, a stone’s throw from the city, where wildlife roams free across rolling green hills and valleys, adorned with waterfalls and lush vegetation. This is where tranquillity and an abundance of peace prevail.

With attentive service, dining at leisure, and safaris on demand, a guest's well-being and satisfaction is their highest priority.

We thought Karkloof Safari Villas would be the most fantastic place for Courteney and her mom to visit. Soon they’ll be spending two nights with breakfast, and will get to enjoy a game drive so that Courteney can see her favourite animals.


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