A thirst-quenching solution to those who need it the most

A thirst-quenching solution to those who need it the most

The Water For You Foundation has been providing drinking water to thousands of people around the world. After their recent trip to Inanda, they found out Raymond Ndimande needed more than just a glass of water.

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The Water For You Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to providing clean drinking water to those who need it most in developing countries. It was created to make a difference in people's lives through the simple act of providing them with clean drinking water solutions.

It's difficult to believe that there are millions of people who do not have access to clean drinking water. Even though water is essential to life, not many can afford to get clean drinking water, yet alone water instead. Many are forced to drink contaminated or polluted water because of their circumstances, which causes illness and sometimes leads to death.

Sayjel Singh, one of the Administrators at the foundation and his team had been installing their water purifiers in the Inanda area when they got chatting to Raymond Ndimande, a resident in the area whose wife and children wake up at 4:00am each morning to walk to the river to collect water. They would then boil the water for drinking or making breakfast.

Sayjel, together with the Water For You brand ambassadors Delron Buckley and Dallas Jacoby, came into the studio to hand a delighted Raymond, his very own water purifier.

Certainly, one cup does go a long way.

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For more information about the Water For You Foundation:

Call: 031 826 5581

Visit: www.waterforyou.org.za

Email: [email protected]

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