The Chainsmokers talk new 'upbeat' music

The Chainsmokers talk new 'upbeat' music

The Chainsmokers are back with a hot new single featuring Emily Warren.

The Chainsmokers 'Side Effects' featuring Emily Warren
'Side Effects' lyric video YouTube/The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers' new song, 'Side Effects' featuring Emily Warren, is climbing up the charts around the world and the EDM duo couldn't be happier with the new music they are putting out. 

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart released the lyric video for the song on YouTube a few days ago and fans are already describing the catchy tune as the perfect single for summer.

The 'Closer' hitmakers have been releasing a lot more mature music lately - their hits 'Sick Boy' and 'You Owe Me' come to mind - but Drew says they wanted something a bit more upbeat for summer. 

"It’s definitely funky. We felt like our music has been like in a much slower, more mellow place. And it’s summertime, and we feel like we really wanted to make an upbeat summertime record -- and that’s what we came up with," he told Billboard magazine.

It might not be summer in South Africa just yet, but the track is sure to have fans dancing - and warming their bodies up on cold days. 

Drew also explained what inspired the lyrics for 'Side Effects'.

"We love writing about millennial relationships, for better or worse. [Laughs.] But we write about what we observe, and we write about making bad decisions often, as you'll hear in the song. But also kind of being impulsive in getting into them, and also living in the moment, as we find beauty in those small moments," he told the publication. 

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Alex added that there is a lot of "really interesting stuff to write now" - thanks to the internet.

"Yeah, there’s a lot of really interesting stuff to write about right now as an artist. I feel like the Internet is taking over everyone’s lives, and everyone has this crazy love/hate relationship with it. I think that’s basically the theme of almost all of our new songs - relating to the Internet and how our generation interacts with each other on both a friendship and a romantic level."

Listen to 'Side Effects' below. 

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