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We are Food | KZN Future 50

From Kitchen Creations to Culinary Empire: The story of We Are Food...

We Are Food
We Are Food / supplied

Company name: We Are Food

Website: www.wearefood.co.za 

Email: [email protected]

"We Are Food" is a culinary venture ignited by the dynamic duo of sisters, Jane Bisset and Amy Weare. With a passion for creating homemade frozen delights, they have redefined convenience dining by bringing wholesome meals straight to the tables of families, singles, and busy individuals across South Africa. 

Ten years ago, the seeds of "We Are Food" were sown in the heart of Durban, where Jane and Amy responded to the clamour for comforting, home-cooked meals among their network of friends and family. What began as a modest kitchen operation soon flourished into a bustling enterprise, with the sisters renting their first central kitchen and expanding their menu with each passing season. 

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, "We Are Food" encountered challenges familiar to many businesses. Yet, undeterred, they embraced innovation, pivoting towards online sales and adopting cost-cutting measures to weather the storm. Despite the hurdles, their commitment to their staff remained unwavering, as they navigated through the economic uncertainties with resilience and determination. 

Value Pack - We Are Food
Value Pack - We Are Food / supplied

Today, "We Are Food" stands as a beacon of growth and opportunity, not just for themselves but for budding entrepreneurs seeking a foothold in the culinary landscape. Embracing the ethos of mentorship, Jane and Amy have transformed their kitchen into a haven for small-scale producers, offering not just production facilities but invaluable guidance gleaned from their own journey of trial and triumph. 

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Transitioning a business from being founder-led to being run by a team is a crucial step in its evolution and sustainability. While founders bring vision, passion, and expertise to the table, relying solely on their leadership can limit the growth potential of the business and create vulnerabilities associated with a single point of failure. By building a capable team, the business becomes less dependent on individual personalities and talents, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and resilience. This transition typically happens as the business matures, necessitating the delegation of responsibilities, the development of internal talent, and the establishment of clear processes and structures. Founders must cultivate a shared sense of purpose and empower their team members to take ownership of their roles, fostering a culture of trust, accountability, and continuous learning. Ultimately, transitioning to a team-led model not only mitigates risks but also unleashes the collective potential of the organisation, driving sustainable growth and long-term success. 

Beef Lasagne Value Pack - We Are Food
Beef Lasagne Value Pack - We Are Food / supplied

Looking ahead, Jane and Amy envision a future where "We Are Food" transcends borders, exporting their premium offerings to international markets while championing the resurgence of Durban's vibrant food scene. Their success isn't just measured in numbers but in the tangible impact they hope to make on their community—a testament to the belief that when local businesses thrive, so does the collective prosperity of all. 

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And amidst their journey, "We Are Food" has unwittingly become an international sensation, with their culinary creations finding their way to far-flung corners of the globe—from Canada to Dubai, Namibia to Mozambique—proof that the warmth of homemade goodness knows no bounds. 

We are Food is inviting the KZN community to become a part of their legacy by sharing some of your history with them. They are inviting the KZN community to share recipes and stories with them, for the opportunity to have your recipe developed and for you to see your heritage in stores. To submit your recipe and story, go to their website (We are Food - Marvellous Food for your Freezer) and look for the section on their home page titled “Share a Memory & Spice Up Our Menu”. 

Value Pack - We Are Food 2
Value Pack - We Are Food 2 / SUPPLIED
Packaging  - We Are Food
Packaging - We Are Food / supplied

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