Child filmed driving down highway
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Child filmed driving down highway

This shocking video shows a child taking the wheel while his parent is preoccupied with texting.

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When watching this video it takes a few seconds to register what’s actually going on.

It must be said upfront that this kid has amazing focus and is taking this driving thing seriously - a lot more seriously than his parent sitting in the passenger's seat texting.

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The footage shows a kid, believed to be not much older than 12, sitting comfortably behind the wheel of a Mazda CX-5. The video was captured by a fellow motorist on Mexico’s National Highway on a rainy day. I don't understand what the motorist is saying, but I take it he is as shocked as I am.

What on earth is a kid of that age doing driving on a busy highway?

As a youngster, I used to get behind the wheel of my dad's bakkie while learning to drive. However, I was old enough to see over the steering wheel and it was off the beaten track with my dad's full commitment to the driving experience. 

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This parent is being so negligent by not only sidestepping the kid's safety, but also not caring for the safety of the other motorists on the road. It's an outrage! 

Have a look below at the video of the kid comfortably behind the wheel and let me know what you think in the comments section below...

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