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Listen to East Coast Drive's top five WTF moments of 2018

KZN has entrusted East Coast Drive with a few of their dilemmas, and with your help, these WTF moments are the best of 2018.

WTF on East Coast Drive

Listen to the top WTF's of the year...

A confused and shocked 19-year-old turned to Bongani and Mags for a solution when he found their very own pastor on a gay dating site. 

Read: WTF on East Coast Drive: 'I discovered my pastor on a gay dating site'

An unexpected love affair between a girl and her stepdad sparked many an outrage and had so many divided. 

Read: WTF on East Coast Drive: 'Help! I've fallen in love with my stepdad'

Relationships, affairs, and matters of the heart in general are often very tricky, but do you really expect your person to leave their significant other for you?  What happens when you go down that rabbit hole?

Read: WTF on East Coast Drive: 'I want him to leave his wife for me'

Pregnancy is rarely thoroughly planned, and so it becomes an even trickier dilemma when one is pregnant with their student's child! 

Read: WTF on East Coast Drive: 'I'm pregnant with my student's child'

A 24-year-old has found herself in a situation after she realised that her mother kept the truth from her, Bongani and Mags had to step in and ask KZN to help this damsel in distress.

Read: WTF on East Coast Drive: 'My mom lied to me about my biological father'

Do you have a delicate dilemna you'd like East Coast Drive and KZN to help advise you on? Comment below and let us know.

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