Campaign to remove white dolls causes stir

Campaign to remove white dolls causes stir

The Black Centric Forum has launched the initiative to remove white dolls from stores across South Africa. 

Remove dolls
Black Centric Forum / Twitter

This past Saturday saw a day of action as members of the Black Centric Forum visited stores around the country to remove white dolls from shops.

According to the organisation, the campaign is to empower black children who do not see themselves reflected in the toys they play with.

In a statement posted on the organisation’s official Facebook page, the BCF says it believes: “That a doll is not a toy, but a transitional or psychological object in which the baby's psychology is the target.”

The BCF has also launched a petition via to stop retailer, Shoprite from selling white dolls in black communities.

Almost 700 people have signed the petition till date. 

Reaction to the campaign has been mixed with some supporting it, whilst others cite that there are other urgent issues that the organisation should focus on. 

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