Massive clue given for R30,000 #10SecondChallenge

Massive clue given for R30,000 #10SecondChallenge

For weeks we've been sitting with R20,000 to give away, but no one is getting the 10th song correct. So, what did we do? Well, we upped the ante - but still no one can get the 10th song! Come on, guys!

10 sec challenge artwork
East Coast Radio

Today, the Breakfast producer gave a very interesting clue. Four ladies walked into the studio in a single file, handed Darren a note, and walked back out.

Confused, Darren read the note on air. It read, 'Darren make it R30 000', and he immediately did. But four women walking into the studio? There has got to be something in that...

Watch the clue here: 

Think you have got it? SMS 'Challenge' and 'Your Name' to 33116. Cost R1.50. T's and C's Apply.

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