Top 10 facts about incoming First Lady, Melania Trump

Top 10 facts about incoming First Lady, Melania Trump

While many wonder what kind of First Lady she will be - the wife of newly-elected president, Donald Trump - Melania will officially assume the role on January 20, next year. She is a former model, who manages her own jewelry and skin care line and Newswatch has listed ten interesting facts about the FLOTUS-elect.

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1. Melania Trump ( nee Knauss) was born in Slovenia and speaks five languages — English, French, Slovenian, Serbian and German.

2. She doesn't approve of her husband's tweeting. When asked on the "Today" Show about one of Trump's habit she would prefer he give up, Melania said “The tweeting.”  The Republican candidate returned to the social media after a brief hiatus - reportedly advised by his campaign staff. 

3. She is the only First Lady of the United States to have posed nude but the third to have worked as a model (including Betty Ford and Pat Nixon). She appeared in a nude shoot in a French men's magazine in 1995 at the age of 25. The photos resurfaced this year after being republished by the New York Post.

4. Although she's appeared on the cover of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue - she's more than just a model. Mrs. Trump has served as a Good Will Ambassador for the American Red Cross from 2005 to 2009 and has also been involved with Love Our Children USA.

5. She has one sister, Ines and a half-brother, Denis Cigelnjak, who still lives in her home country - Slovenia. According to the Daily Mail, he is yet to meet his sister. 

6.  Despite first entering the States in 1996 on a business visa, she formerly became a U.S. citizen in 2006 after marrying the billionaire investor. She supports her husband's stance on immigration. In an exclusive interview with MSNBC - she states "I follow the law. I never thought to stay here without papers."

7. The Clintons were guests at her wedding when she married Trump in 2006. Bill and Hillary Clinton were among 350 guests when the couple wed at the mogul's Palm Beach estate, Florida. 

8. She is Trump's third wife and mother to 10-year-old Barron - the youngest of Trump's five children.

9. Speaking at a campaign rally earlier this month, Melania said one of the key issues she'll address as First Lady is cyber-bullying - particularly on social media. Other First Ladies who have pioneered important causes include Michelle Obama's “Let’s Move” campaign aimed at childhood obesity and Nancy Reagan's “Just Say No” campaign against drug abuse.

10. According to a Washington Post and ABC poll - she would be the least popular spouse of a presidential candidate before the First Family's move to the White House.

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