Who wore it best: The dog or the owner?

Who wore it best: The dog or the owner?

Pet owners can now match their favourite companions. 

Dog mask

During a pandemic, it can be hard to find joy.

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One Esty shop, Dogs And Dorks, has decided to try and bring some humour to a difficult situation by creating face masks with a picture of your favourite furbaby's snout.

The results are not only sometimes hilarious, but sweet and quite fun!

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The masks aren't just for dog-lovers though. Cat owners are more than welcome to have their favourite little whiskers gracing their face and one reptile owner even requested a picture of his snake's fangs, which they made.

These personalised masks have become so popular that they had sold over 100 in just three weeks!

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One of the Etsy shop owners, Danielle Schule, mentioned that she was inspired by her own dog, Ragley, who has crooked teeth and found his teeth so funny and cute that she decided to put them on a mask.

They also hope that by making such enjoyable masks, people would be more inclined to wear masks when going out in public.

People have also sent them pictures wearing the masks alongside their pets:

This has definitely taken matching with your doggo to the next level.

Main image courtesy of Dogs And Dorks Official Instagram

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