Which role do you play in your friendship group?

Which role do you play in your friendship group?

Are you the funny friend or the serious friend? Maybe you're the shy one or the loud one? 


We all like to think of ourselves as different and unique. Maybe you think that you are hilarious or the life of the party. Whatever it might be, each and every person uses different words and phrases to describe themselves. 

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It greatly reflects how we would want to be perceived. While writing your online dating profile, you might mention that you're outdoorsy, so it tells those looking that you enjoy spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities.

But we might have the tendency to not always be completely honest with ourselves and overlook some of our best - or worst, characteristics.

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And that's where our friends come in.

You should always be able to count on your friends and friends should always be honest.

This led Gordon Graham to ask KZN: "If I had to ask your friends about you, how would they describe you?"

Listen here for the best imaginary friends descriptions:

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