A Springbok portrait blanket that will keep us warm this winter

A Springbok portrait blanket that will keep us warm this winter

Check out this portrait of blankets that join to make the World's Largest Springbok Blanket Portrait...

A winter drive that breaks records

With the cold hitting our province and many parts of the country hard, more and more initiatives around blanket drives are being launched, trying to help people stay warm during these tough times. 

When we saw this amazing initiative, we were very inspired to share it because besides it being an amazing initiative, it's also connected to Madiba Day in July. 

"Initially aiming to distribute just 67 hand-knitted blankets to the needy on Mandela Day, the 67 Blankets project was started 7 years ago by philanthropist Carolyn Steyn. It has now grown into an annual record-breaking event that generates warmth for thousands of needy South Africans," 67blankets.co.za says.

What started off as an initiative that aimed to commemorate Nelson Mandela and the iconic number 67, has transcended into something that aims to keep South Africans stay warm in a time where many have lost so much.  

A KnitWit is a person that has volunteered themselves to knit or crochet a blanket in honour of the 67 blankets initiative. Many of the KnitWits got together and made 2,754 blankets and these were placed together to make up a giant Springbok blanket. 

The portrait was made of the Springboks as this symbolised the idea of being "Stronger Together". The blanket portrait of the Springboks is now the world's largest. It will now be dismantled and donated to the elderly and young children in homes. 

Watch the video below showing the event of the unveiling ceremony that happened on Wednesday, 9 June:

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