FASHION: Bride spends R60 on her wedding dress

FASHION: Bride spends R60 on her wedding dress

Having a knack for styling is an art in itself...

Woman in stylish wedding dress
Woman in stylish wedding dress/TikTok Screenshot/@jilly_lynch

The main thing that many brides flock toward is the infamous wedding dress. 

Once you get the perfect dress, everything else needs to match up to meet the dress's standards. 

But as any great thrifting fashionista will tell you, not all great things cost an arm and a leg...

A bride revealed her bargain buy that hit all the right notes when it comes to stylish and classic. 

She revealed in a TikTok video that she got her wedding dress at a thrift shop for a whopping $3.75, which is around R60!

Yes, you can ooh and ahh now, because when you think of someone spending that money on a dress, you think nah, it must look disastrous. 

Not in this case, this bride found a beauty for that amount, and like most thrifters, she wasn't ashamed to share it...

Check out her dress below. Courtesy of TikTok.


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After people went crazy on her post asking questions, she did reveal that she spent $110 (R1,750) on alterations. 

Which may not be a lot in dollars, but that's a lot to spend on alterations in over here. 

Nevertheless, we love the way it turned out, if only we could see what it looked like before the alterations...

Ask and you shall receive, we managed to find the video of her trying out the dress before alterations. Check it out below. 

Courtesy of TikTok


so happy with all these finds 🤍

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