Afraid to dine alone? Five tips to get comfortable dining on your own...

Afraid to dine alone? Five tips to get comfortable dining on your own...

Be honest, do you get anxious when you are out alone?

Afraid to dine alone? Five tips to get comfortable dining on your own...
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There are those people in the world who just thrive off their own company, and then there are those who will do anything not to have a meal on their own. It's okay if you are either of these...

But we came across this great list of tips from someone who went through the dining solo thing and found that it takes lots of practice. Rachel Askinasi, a writer at Insider, shares her top tips on how to get comfortable with dining alone.  

After being required to eat alone a lot for her job, Rachel shared that she was always surprised at the way people responded to that knowledge. It always came with a sense of horror, as if dining solo was a life tragedy or something to be ashamed of. 

After reflecting on the topic, she realised that it certainly is something that comes with practice and takes a willing participant. She shared some key tips on how to get comfortable with the idea. Remember, spending time alone allows for self reflection, it allows you to embrace your self worth, and work on loving yourself. 

1. Her first tip says that pushing ourselves into being more independent is actually good for us. It may be awkward and overwhelming, but ultimately it is something that pushes us to be content in our own company. 

"Try to keep the negative self-talk to a minimum." (Rachel Askinasi)

This can be difficult for many people but if you are going to commit to loving yourself and your company, we guess trash talking yourself is not ideal. 

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2. You think people are looking at you, but actually no one cares. "Most people are too consumed by thinking about themselves, their meal, their conversation, or anything else that isn't you." (Insider)

3. Then it's important to start off small. You know what they always say, baby steps...

Start sitting at the bar before progressing to a table for one. Or if that's too difficult, then start sitting in public alone, wet your feet by sitting on a park bench. 

4. Take something with you. So, for instance, maybe you could take a book to read, or assign some time to journal. Whatever it is, it will help you focus on a task and make the 'dining solo' part not as daunting. 

5. Practice. Take some time out in your schedule to do this at least once a week. Then progress on to two times a week. Spending time with yourself is not as scary as it appears. 

It not only shows what a cool person you are, it also allows you to grow and practice self love, care, and worthiness. Try it out and let us know how it goes. We're rooting for you...

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