Thandi House: Home for many

Thandi House: The home of love

The Thandi House is known as a safe haven for those who have no home. It is a shelter to the homeless, roof away from the storm, and home away from home.

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Based in Pietermaritzburg, Thandi House is a family-centered foster home for abandoned babies, and raped, abused, disabled, and terminally-ill children.

It’s also a safe haven for pregnant teenage girls who have no support. A very sad fact is that a lot of these teenagers come from traditional children's homes – and they arrive lost, lonely, and without any maternity wear.

The home’s focus is on teenage pregnancy, and expecting mom’s arrive at the home from all over South Africa. Rene and her team at Thandi House try to find a balance between mothering, schooling, and being a teenager, taking on the role of a "granny" whilst supporting the teenagers.  

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They look after the baby while the mom is at school, as education is compulsory. With that in mind - teenage moms are still teenagers and Thandi House will try and help them also enjoy the last part of their childhood.

Encouraging education, Thandi House has had mothers train as fashion designers, teachers, office managers, and nurses. One of the moms in the home is currently doing her last subject for her civil engineering degree.  

Rene also supports the moms during the birth. Dr Naidoo had called me recently to tell me about a full range of brand new maternity wear she had. Designed by Laura @Veldt designs, Dr Naidoo was looking for a ‘home’ for the excess clothing she had in stock and wanted to donate it to a worthy organisation.

What better home than Thandi House?

It was a delighted Rene who collected the huge box of maternity clothing, including:

  • 12 x 3/4 length pants 
  • 9 X Full length pants
  • 8 x Skirts
  • 18 x Feeding tops
  • 24 x Maternity Tops
  • 6 x Wrap dresses
  • 24 x Belly warmers   

Contact details:

Thandi House

708 Chase Valley Rd, Chase Valley, Pietermaritzburg, 3231

Open 24 hours
Phone: 078 773 9956

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