Celebrating the love of sport courtesy of the #BigFavour

Celebrating the love of sport courtesy of the #BigFavour

Kim Griffith Jones from the Robin Hood Foundation popped in to tell us about the children at Lalelani Primary.

Robhin hood with kim

Take a listen to this incredible story in the podcast, then read the blog below:

Through various initiatives, the Robin Hood Foundation is doing everything in their power to uplift Lalelani Primary with the vision to “make a positive impact” in the community. 

The school's ablution facilities are almost non-existent, classrooms are jam-packed with children, and they’re in dire need of a makeover. There is damp in the ceilings, and there’s been no level ground for the children to play on.

Sporting equipment and even a soccer ball are a dream for these children. The boys kick cans around when they play soccer.

Over time, the Robin Hood Foundation has worked tirelessly to improve things for them, and recently graded the land to make a sports field, but it was sporting equipment that Kim wrote to us about - asking if the Big Favour could make a difference in the lives of these young children.

Dylan Cherry and the team from MRP Sport jumped at the opportunity to help the school and in the process, will not only make a difference, but also change these young people’s lives. 

A huge thank you to Dylan and his team who have committed to giving the following to the kids of Lalelani Primary School:

  • 20 Soccer and hockey balls
  • 28 Hockey sticks
  • Soccer shorts for various ages 
  • Various cones 
  • Four whistles
  • Two ball pumps
  • Eight netballs
  • Four skipping ropes
  • 28 water bottles 
  • 28 shin pads 
  • Two goalie gloves
  • 28 Soccer socks 
  • Four Hockey bags 

If you would like to contact MRP Sport, visit their website www.mrpsport.com or call them on 0800 212 535 or 031 310 8545.

MRP Sport

Jungle Kids will also be donating a jungle gym to the school consisting of:

  • 2 Decks
  • 1 bridge
  • 4 swings
  • Rope Ramp
  • Log Ladder
  • Cargo Net
  • Tyre Tower
  • Tyre Ladder
  • Worth R10 000.00

Jungle kidz

If you would like to help the Robin Hood Foundation in any way, please contact Kim on 076 612 9060, or visit their website www.robinhoodfoundation.co.za.


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