The #BigFavour gives a 15-year-old and his Gogo new hope

The #BigFavour gives a 15-year-old and his Gogo new hope

A young entrepreneur who was making a living for himself and his granny had his life turned upside down when he was badly injured by a car. Thankfully, people with kind hearts stepped in.

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Damon Beard

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Nkosinathi is a 15-year-old boy who lives with his 80-year-old granny in Thembeni Township on the North Coast of KZN. 

To earn money, he sells mushrooms on the N2 freeway.

Just like any other day, Nkosinathi was selling mushrooms when a motorist pulled up and offered to buy the mushrooms, but after asking to see them first, he took them and then sped off without paying.

In an attempt to stop the motorist and save his mushrooms, Nkosinathi grabbed onto the moving vehicle and held on for his life. About 100 meters down the road when he couldn’t hold on any more, he let go and was badly injured as he was thrown from the moving vehicle.

The motorist drove off, leaving Nkosinathi lying badly injured on the side of the road.

boy knocked on the floor
Supplied: IPSS Medical Rescue

IPSS Medical Rescue went to the scene, treated Nkosinathi, and took him to the hospital where he spent a few days recovering.

Abraham Gwala from IPSS Medical Rescue then went to visit Nkosinathi but he had already been discharged so he took it upon himself to track the boy down.

Not knowing where to look, he went from house to house in Thembeni Township (situated close to where Nkosinathi was selling mushrooms) until he managed to find him and his 80-year-old Gogo (Granny) living in a humble RDP house.

Abraham found there was no electricity, hardly any food in the house, and no fridge or stove… so in an attempt to help, he and the team at IPSS started giving Nkosinathi and his Granny food parcels every month.

In the meantime, Vernon O’Connell and his team of attorneys heard about Nkosinathi, and his story really touched them.
Vernon made contact with IPSS and together they have been instrumental in changing the life of this young man and his Gogo.

It was a hugely excited Granny and 15-year-old Nkosinathi who listened eagerly as Vernon and his team gave them news that a new fridge and stove would be arriving for them – and six months’ worth of pre-paid electricity

The IPSS team - Abraham Gwala, Leoni Fourie, and Dylan Meyrick were also keen to change this family’s life and realising the need for Nkosinathi to go back to school, found one close to his home and enrolled him to start early next year. IPSS will also incentivise Nkosinathi, teaching him the importance of staying at school and getting an education.

No more selling mushrooms for this young man.

Instead, a super bright future awaits him.

Watch as Damon shares the news with Nkosinathi and his family.

Damon Beard

Vernon O’Connell and his team have been in the legal business for the past 30+ years in Durban. They cover a lot of insurance and cyber law. 

The VOC Foundation is an initiative funded by voluntary contributions from their staff members which they then match at 200%. They obviously can't help everybody but any team member who comes across a particularly deserving case is entitled to put a proposal to the foundation for funding. 

Over the years they’ve been fortunate enough to be able to help numerous community members in need. This has included people suffering from cancer, small children in institutions, a lady who lost all of her possessions in a fire and they’ve regularly supported CHOC (Children's Haematology Oncology Clinics) 

Contact V O’Connell Attorneys on (031) 368 9960.

Damon Beard

IPSS Medical Rescue began with a single ambulance in 2012 to service the needs of IPSS clients and to provide the community with a private ambulance service in Isithebe and Mandeni.

The positive response from clients and the community resulted in a second ambulance being added to the fleet to provide a greater area with their services. Since then, IPSS Medical Rescue has grown from strength to strength, with bases in Isithebe, Stanger, Ballito and Tongaat.

Contact IPSS Medical rescue on (032) 947 0047

Twitter: IPSSRescue
Facebook: IPSSMedicalRescue

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