#BigFavour: A dream come true for a pensioner

#BigFavour: A dream come true for a pensioner

A pensioner needed help with her home and The Big Favour, with the help of a guardian angel, completely changed her life.

Avril with Damon and Luci Hirsch / Supplied
Avril with Damon and Lucy Hirsch / Supplied

Listen to the audio and read the story below:

I received an email from a 61-year-old pensioner Avril who, like so many people in our country, is battling to make ends meet.

Avril uses most of her pension to pay for the rent of a wooden cottage she stays in on someone’s property, and although the roof is leaking and the water has been turned off because her shower is leaking, she’s grateful to have a roof over her head.

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Avril’s only company is her two cats so any money leftover that's is spent buying food for her cats and bread and milk for herself.
She has no TV or radio and although she gets a food parcel from the church, the food goes off because she has no fridge.

Her dream is to have a small TV, a radio for company, and a small bar fridge to keep her milk in.

Luci Hirsch and her team jumped on board to help and handed over a TV, radio and bar fridge to a delighted and completely overwhelmed Avril.

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