Animal shelter's relief thanks to the #BigFavour

Animal shelter's relief thanks to the #BigFavour

Running an animal shelter is hard work, and it gets increasingly tough and expensive to feed all the pets who so desperately need a place to call home. 

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Listen to Thursday's Big Favour or read the details under the podcast. 

Gianna Scoulelis runs her own animal shelter, Animally Haven, on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal. Starting out with just two dogs, she now takes care of 120 dogs, 100 cats, 19 pigs, and three rabbits. 

Most of the animals who come to her have been abandoned. She works together with her eyes and ears in the rural areas called Lucky, who informs Gianna if he sees an animal in distress, being abused, or one that’s just hungry, and malnourished.

Together, they then go into the community, rescue the animal, and Animally Haven becomes their new life. However, if these animals aren’t adopted by a new loving family, Animally Haven is more often than not their end home.

With running a shelter comes massive vet bills and enormous food costs. Although Gianna does get donations, if those don’t come in, any vet bill that needs to be paid or food that needs to be bought comes out of Gianna’s own pocket.

We were joined by Warren Farrer, the Foundation Executive for The DO MORE FOUNDATION which was founded by RCL FOODS, one of South Africa’s biggest food producers. 

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The DO MORE FOUNDATION’s passion is to #DoMore in order to make a significant impact on the impoverished communities of South Africa. They believe that by inspiring MORE people to do “good”, TOGETHER they can make a real difference. 

The Foundation has three focus areas being, #DoMore for Young Children, #DoMore to Ease Hunger. and #DoMore to Support Youth. In addition, they also #DoMore for the Care of Animals. 

Warren and his team heard about the plea for help from Gianna, and couldn’t wait to share the good news. They've donated 400kg of pet food to Animally Haven.

A huge thank you to Warren and the DO MORE FOUNDATION, and a big sloppy kiss from the 120 dogs, 100 cats, 19 pigs and three rabbits at Animally Haven.

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Contact them via their website:

Tel: 087 362 8472 


Email:  [email protected] / [email protected]

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If you’d like to assist Gianna at Animally Haven, please contact 083 799 9449 or email [email protected].

Main image courtesy of Pexels/Engin Akyurt

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