WhatsApp's new update will simplify your life

WhatsApp's new update will simplify your life

Get ready to update your WhatsApp because these two new features are going to be game changers.  

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WhatsApp is massive. You will struggle to find someone who doesn't use the service. 

According to Fortune, the messaging service reported that in 2016, the platform already had 1-billion users and by now, that number would have tripled. 

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Developers are constantly looking for new ways to update their apps to ensure a better user experience for all. 

IOL reported that WhatsApp has released two new updates on the beta Android version that are bound to make your chatting experience a bit easier. 

Group descriptions 

Ever been added to a group but you didn't know what it was about? The new function will enable you to give your group a description. The field can be 512 characters long. All you need to do is make sure you have the latest Android version, find the group you want to add a description to, look for 'group info', then tap the 'description' field to add it in.

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From voice to video in a click of a button

Previously, if you were on a voice call and wanted to switch to video, you would have to end the call to do so. With the new update, all you need to do is tap the video icon at the bottom of the call screen. The app will prompt you to switch to video mode, prompting the person on the other end to accept the new mode. Voila! 

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Although these updates may seem simple, they sure are going to make your life simpler. Head to your app store and check the updates out for yourself. 

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If you could ask WhatsApp to add a new function to the platform, what would it be? Share your comments below:

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