More changes coming for South African smoking laws?

More changes coming for South African smoking laws?

South Africa was one of the first countries in the world to ban smoking in public places and now there could be more changes on the way.

Smoking laws

Damon Beard spoke to East Coast Radio staff to get their thoughts on the proposed legislation:

According to BusinessTech, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has indicated that the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act will be submitted to cabinet for approval early next year.

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Here are just a few of the changes that are proposed:

  • A zero-tolerance policy on indoor smoking in public places 
  • A ban on outdoor smoking in public places
  • When smoking outside, smokers must be at least 10 meters away from public entrances
  • The removal of all signage on cigarette packaging aside from the brand name and warning stickers
  • Cigarettes may no longer be publicly displayed by retailers

While the new proposals have been praised by some, they are also likely to be met with steep resistance – especially in the business sector. 

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These changes are amazing for health but could potentially create a loss of jobs in the sector - considering the South African unemployment rate, this is definitely a catch-22 situation. The new proposals will be open to public commentary next year. 

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Do you think these new rules will stop a generation of new smokers? If you're a smoker reading this, will you now think twice before lighting up?

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