Leona Lewis' plans for adoption

Leona Lewis' plans for adoption

Celebrities are always willing and able to help the wider community - and this story is proof of that notion.


Going the adoption route is not foreign to celebrities. Madonna and Angelina Jolie have managed to grow their families by opting to go the adoption route and help children who need love and care from previously disadvantaged countries.

We were first introduced to Leona Lewis through 'The X Factor', a singing talent search competition, in 2006. She has continued to find success in the music industry with hit after hit. Even though we have not heard any new music from her in a while, she has not been a stranger to the tabloids.

It is reported that the married 34-year-old is planning to adopt a child. The songstress has been with her husband for the past 20 years and cemented their love by tying the knot last year.

When explaining her adoption plans, Leona Lewis had this to say: "My mom grew up in a children's home, so its always  been something  I've wanted to do and its close to my heart, we'd love to have biological children too but  we'll see. For now we are enjoying the newly wed stage"

IMAGE: Leona Lewis's official Instagram Page

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