Drone footage: See the Moses Mabhida Stadium like never before

Drone footage: See the Moses Mabhida Stadium like never before

Most of us who live in Durban take the Moses Mabhida Stadium for granted, but this drone footage will give you a newfound appreciation for the city's treasure.

Drone footage of the Moses Mabhida Stadium / YouTube (Rakesh Morar)
Drone footage of the Moses Mabhida Stadium / YouTube (Rakesh Morar)

Can you believe that it's nine years since we hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup? It seems like yesterday that we were fueled by the sound of vuvuzelas that ripped through Durban.  

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The Moses Mabhida Stadium was built for the World Cup. It's 'arch of triumph' has been the feature of many videos and pictures that have done the rounds ever since. 

According to the stadium's official website, the structure has won 27 awards to date, and it has been the most used stadium in South Africa. The stadium has been utilised for many sporting events and concerts since it was built. It seats a whopping 56,000 people and can be bumped up to 85,000 for major events. 

A few interesting facts about the stadium 

  • The stadium was named after Moses Mbheki Mncane Mabhida - a South African politician and a leader of the South African Communist Party from 1978 to 1986.
  • The arch over the top of the stadium was designed to resemble the South African flag. 
  • It has 120 suites and about 7,500 VIP seats. 
  • 95 mm-diametre steel cables are used to attach the roof to the structure's arch.

Most of us in the province pass the stadium often and take its beauty for granted. Thankfully we have found new drone footage shot by Pietermaritzburg-resident Rakesh Morar which captures the beauty and magnificence of the structure. It was shot a while back and has recently surfaced.

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When asked about his thoughts on the stadium and its design, Morar said: "To me, this [Moses Mabhida Stadium] is the most beautiful stadium in the world and one of the most beautiful structures that can compare with other world-class structures such as the Eiffel Tower."

And we couldn't agree more. The Moses Mabhida Stadium has never looked this good. The next time you pass it, you'll be sure to appreciate its beauty. 

Watch the footage below:

Video courtesy of Rakesh Morar

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