An adventure dog’s journey of love and companionship

An adventure dog’s journey of love and companionship

Stout isn’t just a good boy. He’s the best.

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Ever seen a dog mount a paddleboard, dive into ocean swells, and summit mountains? Stout does it with astounding ease, all while dragging his human on a leash behind him. The canine’s life is the stuff of legend. He helps protect endangered wildlife, regularly joins his local running club, and has even dabbled in a film career. But after traversing an array of fearless activities, Stout may have to take an indefinite hiatus.

If Stout could talk, he’d tell us that he’s a Belgian Malinois, born in April 2011, loves catching frisbees, and is Doug Turvey’s favourite travel partner. The pair work as adventure guides in the Western Cape, leading people through a series of action-packed activities. No hike is too long, no trail run too jagged, and no paddleboard too unstable for this team. But it’s not just adrenaline pumping journeys that Stout is known for. He’s also a very good boy. Together with Turvey, he’s taught companionship and dog care across South African townships, raised money for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, and supported the Green Dogs Conservation. Stout also fosters orphaned puppies and kittens until they’re ready for their own escapades. With sloppy kisses and boundless enthusiasm, Stout leaves an indelible mark on everyone he meets.

Recently, Stout’s health took a turn for the worse. Vets diagnosed him with liver fibrosis, a condition which can’t be reversed, but managed. Even when he’s not up to his usual antics, Stout continues to inspire. “I never knew what big an impact a dog can have on the world until I met Stout,” Turvey says. Take your cue from this furry adventurer. Despite our circumstances, we all have the potential to touch the hearts and lives of those around us.

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