The top baby names of 2016 revealed

The top baby names of 2016 revealed

East Coast Breakfast’s co-host Natarah knew something we didn’t know! Her baby's name made the list – did yours? 

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Ooooh, I love a unique name, even still now I ogle over names that are different.


Every day while pregnant, both times, I would bombard Mike with a string of name suggestions as he arrived home, or over the phone or while lying in bed. 'Mike what about...', or 'what about...'.


Eventually deciding on Cooper, Rocco, and Lula, a far cry from Michael and Jane.

In case you missed it: Natarah's baby name revealed


A research company called Nameburry recently released the top 100 baby names of 2016.


The site ranks the popularity of names based on the 40 million views it has had on the site.


Here are the Top 10:



1. Olivia

2. Amelia

3. Charlotte

4. Ava

5. Isla

6. Arabella

7. Aurora

8. Adeline

9. Isabella

10. Mia



1. Ezra

2. Asher

3. Atticus

4. Declan

5. Oliver

6. Milo

7. Silas

8. Levi

9. Wyatt

10. Henry

The full list is here.

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