The unusual yet adorable friendship between a cat and a rhino

The unusual yet adorable friendship between a cat and a rhino

"And this, KZN, is why I cannot get enough of cats. Bless!" says Stacey Norman.

Mia the cat and rhino / Instagram
Mia the cat and rhino / Instagram

'Cat Lady' and 'Cat Whisperer' are just a few names that my friends know me as. There's no denying that I love cats, but one specifically more than others. 

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Goku, my cat, is my absolute life. He crept into my little heart and even though at times I get judgy eyes from him, I cannot imagine life without him. 

I mean, how can you NOT love this face?!

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This is Goku. He is judging you.

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On the topic of cats, I have come across a very unusual relationship between Mia the cat and a rhino named Emilka that totes melted my heart. 

The story was initially shared on a National Geographic Instagram post. It says that Mia the cat sadly got part of its tail bitten off by a rhino when she was a kitten (not Emilka, a different one). 

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It is said that the pair, who live at the Dvůr Králové Zoo in the Czech Republic, are best of friends, and even though she had this horrible thing happen to her by the very same species, it never stopped her from warming up to Emilka.

Standby as I grab some tissues to dry my happy tears! 

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