Scientists a step closer in developing blood test to predict when you will die

Scientists a step closer in developing blood test to predict when you will die

Researchers and scientists are hard at work trying to create a blood test that will predict when you're nearing your last days on earth. 

Blood test tube / YouTube
Blood test tube / YouTube

Death is something that can't be avoided and as humans, we try everything possible to ensure we are safe so we can live as long a life as possible. 

According to TIME, a team lead by a postdoctoral researcher have taken blood samples of over 40,000 healthy patients to predict their mortality rate. It was published that it was 80% accurate and predicated death risks within a five to 10 year time frame. 

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The ages of the patients ranged from 18 to over 100. They sat through rigorous testing in which their health events were tracked over time. 

"The researchers analyzed a group of 226 so-called metabolites, or by-products of things that various cells and tissues in the body pour into the blood stream for circulation and removal. From this collection of markers, the team narrowed down the list to 14 that they determined could together, and along with the person’s sex, provide a pretty good picture of each person’s health risk, and, by association, their risk of dying in the next five to 10 years," the article reported.

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The team is still underway with their testing and it's not ready for use by doctors, but it opens up an avenue for patients to help them prep for when their time is up here on earth.

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