Couple ties the knot 68 years later

Couple ties the knot 68 years later

In the spirit of the month of love, Jane came up with the idea to celebrate ageless love by helping an elderly couple renew their vows after 68 years of marriage.


Crikey, could I be any more excited?!  

A week or two ago I bolted up from my sleep with a bright idea. I sat upright at 2am with an aim to celebrate a love that has stood the test of time this Valentine's Day. 

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So we went on a mission to find the couple in KZN who had been married the longest. I scratched around and within the day had found the Ashers. Jo Asher is 101 and Peter is 91. They have been married for 68 years! 

What's so amazing is that being in the same room as them, the love is so evident and they hang on each other's every word. They smile and laugh at each other like a couple in their honeymoon stage.

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The idea was to renew their wedding vows and throw them a wedding reception to celebrate them and their life-long journey. I am so inspired by these two and their story. 

Let love win!

In a series of candid, behind-the-scenes interviews, Jane Linley-Thomas speaks to the bride and groom, 68 years after they first said "I do".

Mr. and Mrs. Asher - Behind The Wedding (Part 1)

Mr. and Mrs. Asher - Behind The Wedding (Part 2)

Mr. and Mrs. Asher - Behind The Wedding (Part 3)

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A big thank you to my team for making this a reality. They all jumped on board to be a part of this incredible celebration. I would like to thank the following people for making the day a reality: 

  • Brenda Quin - Diva Design for Mrs Asher's dress and Mr Asher's bow tie
  • Fay Abdullah from Hoi Polloi for doing hair on the day
  • Jacky Jet for doing Mrs Asher's make-up
  • Mandy Conrad and Amanda Howard from We do Creative for the table setting and decor 
  • Anna Kelly - Château Gâteaux for the wedding cake and desserts
  • Dawn Hermon from Wonder Bunch for the glorious blooms 
  • Roy and Jade Keyter from Mount Edgecombe Kwikspar for the delicious spread of savoury food
  • Megan Sinclair - Mr Price Home for the beautiful wedding gift of bedding, cotton linen, bath towels, scatter cushions, and blankets
  • Marcy Stone from Cafe Fish on Florida Road for the gift of a sumptuous private lunch served by their head chef
  • Gary Nixon from The Kick Stands for the musical serenade
  • Dr Gill Morley for the vow renewal

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