Kids dancing provocatively in school uniforms has sparked outrage

Kids dancing provocatively in school uniform sparks outrage

A video showing young Cuban children twerking and dancing provocatively in their school uniform has left everyone talking! The worst thing about this video is that some parents are proud of the display.


Earlier this week I blogged about how a school teacher was asked to resign after she had been filmed twerking in a dance competition while away with her girlfriends.


I was met with a mixed bag of emotions, with most people commenting that just because she is a teacher doesn’t mean she can't have fun away from school.


This footage, however, shows the same type of situation from the other side of the classroom. In fact this display is far more offensive. 


The controversial video posted online shows young kids dressed in school uniform dancing VERY provocatively!


I was quiet disturbed by this. What's even worse is that the footage was posted by a proud father who thought he would boast about his son’s moves.


The parents are as bad as the kids!

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