From domestic worker to doctor: Meet Pamela Phumzile Sithole
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From domestic worker to doctor: Meet Pamela Phumzile Sithole

From domestic worker at the age of 14 to medical doctor at 24, hear the inspirational story of KZN’s very own Pamela Phumzile Sithole.

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Listen as Pamela Sithole shares her story about her journey from domestic worker to medical doctor below, or read the details under the podcast. 

The journey of Pamela Phumzile Sithole from a domestic worker at the age of 14 to a medical doctor is a story of triumph, dedication, and never giving up on your dreams!

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Born and raised in KZN, Pamela juggled part-time jobs to make her medical dream a reality, and now she is busy serving her internship in Johannesburg. 

What began as chores, became a full-time job during the December holidays, which allowed her also to assist herself financially. Pamela achieved high marks during her matric year, but a lack of funds threatened her chances. However, with the help of a student loan, she achieved what she set out to do. 

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In April of this year, she graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Despite financial and family issues along the way, she found her way to the finish line, and I am beyond proud! 

With countless bumps in the road, she made it. This story should be one that other children aspire to - to never give up and hard work is the main ingredient to achieve any goal. 

How incredible is this girl and her story?!  

It's stories like these that make you believe anything is possible and is proof that when you are meant to do purpose-driven work, the universe will put its energy and love behind you to make sure it happens. I can't imagine how proud her family must be?! I could burst with pride!

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