You won't believe what Stacey and J Sbu do when no one is watching...

You won't believe what Stacey and J Sbu do when no one is watching...

The Drive duo are always sharing things on-air, but what happens when the mics and cameras are off?

Stacey and J Sbu embarrassed Secret Single Behaviour
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Everyone has secrets.

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Some secrets you might not even know are secrets, but they are! You have never shared the information with anyone so technically it's only you that knows and so a secret is born.

Now how about our private habits?

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We all have little, or big things, we do that no one else knows about.

Or maybe these habits are so strange you wouldn't be comfortable enough doing it in front of others.

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Imagine yourself in your home. You have invited some friends over but they have now left and you are all alone again.

Finally, the time has come for you to do the thing you have had to suppress for minutes, hours or even days.

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Maybe you are now comfortable enough to brush your hair and instead of throwing it in the trash you just throw it on the floor (you'll clean it up later).

Maybe you're having a pretend concert in your room, music playing, hairbrush microphone in hand, with the role of Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber played by you because you're a star.

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You know where we're going with this, right?

It's the type of stuff where if someone were to find out you had been doing that it would be a bit awkward. Even embarrassing.

Just imagine your parents walking in on you. Not cool.

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We call them the SSB - Secret Single Behaviours.

Stacey and J Sbu had been wondering what weird habits people have when they're on their own, so they asked KZN to share.

But most importantly, they had to find out about each other's...

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Remember that quote: "Dance like nobody is watching"? That's all we'll leave you with.

Take a listen to find out what embarrassing, strange, and secret habits Stacey and J Sbu reveal when they are all by their lonesome:

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