SEE: Jewellery brand create "the ugliest colour in the world" called 'Compost'

SEE: Jewellery brand create "the ugliest colour in the world" called 'Compost'

Looking for a unique manicure colour? Look no further...

Ugliest colour in the world nail polish

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and it's definitely true when it comes to colour.

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Some people adore being surrounded by yellow, while others can't stand it. One group of girls might love all things pink and glittery, while others are not into the 'Barbie' fantasy.

What this means is there could never be an unanimous decision stating that one colour is the universal bad colour, although some might suggest that anything close to representing a bodily fluid colour would be a close front-runner.

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But it seems like we have spoken too soon because there is one colour that has now claimed "the ugliest colour in the world" title.


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While many brands want to have the best aesthetic, look pretty and put together, jewellery brand J. Hannah is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what is considered "pretty".

The company also have a line of nail polishes and this week they released their latest shade.

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The olive-brown colour is called 'Compost' and the story behind the shade name is like no other.

Most nail polish colours come with cutesy, fun names like "Engage-meant to be" or "Pink-ing of you", but J. Hannah said that they chose the Pantone colour shade 448C, which is known amongst market researchers as "the ugliest colour in the world".

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Check the colour out below:

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The brand's founder, Jess Hannah Révész, said in an interview that she felt like the nail polish colours she was seeing on the market were not as nuanced as she would have liked. So she created her own.

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They even provided some super interesting information on this "ugly" colour, what it's been used for in the past and why.

Did you know that they used it for cigarette packaging in Australia?

While this colour might not suit everyone's taste, it's hard to see it as being the world's worst?

But we're no colour experts.

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