"I came out and the men at home wouldn't talk to me!" shares Craig Lucas

"I came out and the men at home wouldn't talk to me!" shares Craig Lucas

Craig Lucas has given a very open and honest interview about the struggles he is currently facing with regards to his sexuality - as well as the journey post 'The Voice SA'.

craig lucas and freddy l
Thabile Mashaba

Listen to Craig's interview with Damon, or read the details under the podcast. 

Craig Lucas and Freddy L sat down with Damon Beard to chat about their journey beyond 'The Voice SA'.

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"I was working in finance before I pursued my passion of music. There are so many times I've felt I can't do this anymore, but honestly music is everything," shared Craig.

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Freddy L shared how ever since Craig walked awkwardly into the hotel room, they've been great friends.

"Reality TV is hard, and having to prove yourself on national TV makes it that much harder. But having Craig there as a friend from day one made it all the much better," confesses Freddy L.

Craig also spoke openly and honestly with Damon Beard about his recent open letter, coming out as gay and his battle with depression.

"Dealing with all this alone was so hard! Having to deal with the men in my family that aren't suicidal isn't easy. Saying I should go to church and keep quiet never helped," shares Craig.

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