Yahto Kraft on being proud and kind

Yahto Kraft on being proud and kind

South African viewers will recognise him from Season 3 of the hit television reality show, The Voice South Africa, where he places 6th overall. In this week’s KindnessCan podcast, Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Bushell catch-up with talented performer – Yahto Kraft.

Yahto Kraft

A special feature for International Pride Month, Yatho is a strong voice in the LGBTQIA+ community, who hopes that his music can bring the world together.

In the podcast, Yahto talks through the realities of holding onto pride and kindness in a world that often sends mixed messages.

Yahto also shares practical ways for all of us to grow a healthier relationship with ourselves and the world around us. Listen below - just click on the play button.

Meanwhile in the last episode, Jane and Paul spoke to divorce coach Luke Dillon from Watershed Transformation. For the past decade, Luke has been helping people move through, and past, their divorce.

Divorce is a difficult and emotional transition for many families. Getting the right support and advice can make the world of difference.

In this episode of the KindnessCan podcast, Luke has some practical ideas and tips for making the most of this extremely tough moment. Click below to listen.

For more information, you can drop Luke an email at: [email protected]

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