7 ways to achieve success in the face of financial difficulty

7 ways to achieve success in the face of financial difficulty

In this week's KindnessCan podcast, Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Bushell talk about being kind with your finances. They are joined by accountant Heather Flack, who takes you through some of her kind money tips.

Kindness with your money

Times are tough. Many of us have been hammered, financially, by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. It's at a time like this that every Rand counts.

Durban-based accountant Heather Flack was the guest on the latest KindnessCan podcast. She has seven key pieces of advice to help you achieve success in the face of financial difficulty.

Recorded on Zoom with a live audience, Heather also answered questions around teaching children to be financially responsible; about how much pocket-money to give them and about our relationship with money.

"A budget tells your money where to go, rather than wondering where it went," she says.

On pocket-money, she says she tries to encourage her children to save. "What I do is that at the end of the year, any money that they have saved from their pocket money, I will match. It allows them to set long-term goals."

On building success in your business, she says: "Build your people and your people will build your village. They will be there to support you. Invest in them!"

This is a must-listen in these financially tough times. Click on the play button below to listen now.

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