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Kearsney Boys Choir's performance in Singapore is pure gold!

Watching this energetic choir in action will make you get up off your feet to dance and sing along.

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These guys had my vote as soon as I saw the red boots and animal-print ensemble. I was totally drawn and fixated from the moment I clicked play on this video.

Jokes aside, the Kearsney Boys Choir has always had a great reputation and it's clear to see why. Just a few months ago a video of them made the rounds giving an amazing performance to an economic empowerment organisation in the Hillcrest area.

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I love how diverse and unified these boys are in their song and pure love for music. Their reactions and their pitch is something that can't be faked.

According to Good Things Guy, the choir was recently at the International Choral Festival in Singapore where they delivered their folklore routine. Their performance was so good that it won the Folksong Category and even scored a 92.2% in the competition. Wow! 

I'd love to be able to sing and can only imagine the joy and liberation one must feel as your voice comes spilling out (in key that is!).

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Nice one, guys! This is such a feel good piece and perfect for some motivation to help you get through the week ahead.

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